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Buddy System - Become a Big Buddy Mentor

Great mentoring will open doors, set direction, and help you achieve your goals.

That’s why the Cambridge Business Chamber is looking for Big Buddy Mentors for our community. For the release of our CBC Buddy Programme.
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What happens when I become a mentor.

Mentoring is a voluntary professional relationship with the primary purpose of professional development.

Little buddy mentees look for experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy and authentic leaders to guide and help them develop competencies and skills that will help them grow and manage themselves and their business.

A big buddy mentor can also benefit through reciprocal mentoring, through shared skills building and can offer insights into other business owners’ perspectives on factors considered in business. Big buddy mentors will also stay current and in the loop on growing business here in our community, all while improving and further developing emotional intelligence which is proven to be crucial in entrepreneurial success.

That’s why the Cambridge Business Chamber is offering a mentoring service called The Buddy Programme.

Our Chamber Buddies will be keen business people from our community, eager to share their time and knowledge with an aspiring leader looking for advice. 

Whether you’re interested in mentoring an entrepreneur, small business owner, or CEO, being a mentor can have a positive affect on local business development and in turn economic growth in our region. 

A mentor will provide ongoing business support that’s tailored to your little buddy mentees specific needs and goals.

Signing up creates an opportunity to help your business succeed, providing a wealth of knowledge, skills, experience, and contacts within the business community.   

Upon completing your application you will be contacted by the Cambridge business chamber team and be matched with a Cambridge Business Chamber Little Buddy Mentee. 

We will discuss and outline some of the expectations of the programme and be available for any questions, how to get started prompts and initial introductions.

From there you will build your mentor relationship, you will agree together how often you will meet, and the finer details of your unique buddy relationship.

As a minimum requirement, we ask mentors to commit to being a Big Buddy Mentor for at least on year. However, after the one-year period has finished we can help with a re-enrolment or new buddy relationship if this is what you would like.  

Sign up to become a Big Buddy Mentor.

How do I get a Big Buddy Mentor?


Apply to get a Mentor, fill in the application, complete payment, and answer the questions. This will become your profile and helps our team match you with a Mentor with the skillset to guide you to achieving your goals.


Matching is a critical component in the mentoring process. Our dedicated Business Advisor will discuss with you the outcomes you want to achieve and match you with a mentor based on those criteria’s.


Meet in person or digitally to set goals and direction. Depending on how you are set to be mentored, set a few different types of goals: habit forming goals, reach goals and stretch goals, as well as setting up how often you want to meet. During the mentorship, these goals will guide your discussions and the rest of the process.


You will need to update your Mentor with progress updates, successes, and new obstacles you are facing to accurately track your progress. Through tracking the mentor can help you overcome obstacles or help you re-shape your strategy.


You and your business will have grown and changed; it’s time to see if there is another mentor with a different skillset for even more progress to achieve a different set of goals.

Gifting a Mentor.

We understand how valuable it is for business owners to have support, guidance, and knowledge to succeed.

If you have someone in mind who would benefit from a mentor, you can gift this service by purchasing a 12 month Chamber Mentor voucher.

It’s simple, click Gift a Mentor below and make a payment of $200+GST which provides them with 12-month’s of mentorship.

You will receive an e-voucher that can be sent to you as a gift voucher.


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