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Go Global - New Zealand Chambers of Commerce

Get the support you need to make your business a global success story.

Kiwi businesses are renowned for bringing innovative products and services to the world stage. Of course, the journey to international fame and fortune is rarely easy.

By partnering with us, you can tap into the resources and networks of 22,000 other Chambers of Commerce around the world. You’ll also get expert advice and practical support from our specialist Global team.

Want to connect with businesses visiting from overseas? Contact us to find out how.

New Zealand Chambers of Commerce.

With 30+ Chambers of Commerce in New Zealand supporting more than 22,000 members.  The Business Chambers positively influence the environment businesses operate in, by providing training, advice, information, and support. 

In New Zealand, Chambers of Commerce is a strong and independent voice that advocates on behalf of its members. The Chambers are a credible source of knowledge and information and have close relationships with a range of industry bodies as well as government, institutions, other associations, and the media.

New Zealand’s Chambers of Commerce are divided into 4 hubs: Northern, Central, Canterbury, and Southern.  The  International Chamber of Commerce, or ICC, provides members with access to the largest business network in the world. Visit the ICC at

World Chambers of Commerce.

The World Chamber of Commerce has a long history that can be traced back to 1599, when the term Chamber of Commerce appeared for the first time in Marseille, France. Chambers were established to provide a forum to discuss issues facing the business community. In early times chambers created a public forum for craftsmen, merchants, industrialists, and traders to come together. 

A transnational Chamber of Commerce and industry group was founded in 2008. The organisations' activities first centred around bringing together the international and local business communities of the world. 

Our World Chamber connections act as a liaison between organisation and businesses to further develop economic synergy and facilitate exchange between countries, improving international relations and assisting with globalised business. 

North Island Chambers of Commerce.

South Island Chambers of Commerce.


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