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The Cambridge Business Chamber Buddy Programme Terms and Conditions

‚ÄčTerms and Conditions for joining the Buddy Programme

  • Cambridge Business Chamber [CBC] Buddy programme is the name of the mentoring programme operated by the Cambridge Business Chamber.
  • I am acting as a volunteer mentor for the Cambridge Business Chamber and this relationship does not constitute a partnership, trust or employer/employee relationship;
  • I am acting as a volunteer mentor for the Cambridge Business Chamber and will not assign or sub-contract the activities expected of this role to any other person or organisation;
  • I will treat any information which I am given or receive in performing my role as a Chamber Mentor as confidential and will safeguard this information appropriately.
  • The above confidentiality clause does not apply to information that I choose to supply to the Cambridge Business Chamber to allow effective administration, oversight and monitoring of the Chamber Mentors programme;
  • I agree to abide by any suitably reasonable Guidelines relating to the Chamber Mentors programme that the Cambridge Business Chamber may issue from time-to-time;
  • I will seek consent from the Cambridge Business Chamber should I choose to enter into any business arrangement, contract or other interest with a Chamber Mentors client and, if such consent is agreed, I will terminate my Chamber Mentors status with that client;
  • The Cambridge Business Chamber can at any time, at their sole discretion, de-register me as a mentor in the Chamber Mentors programme;
  • I may be asked to provide two referees at a subsequent date and I am prepared to provide these contacts.

Legal Requirements

I am a permanent resident of New Zealand or I have an appropriate visa to live and work in New Zealand for the term of any clients that I may be assigned to mentor;

I have not been convicted, charged or are under investigation for any breach of the law in any country, including New Zealand;

I have never been declared bankrupt and I have never continued to trade whilst insolvent.


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