Business Resources

Here we have identified some useful links to online resources to help you with a range of business information

Business Planning

A business plan is an important tool as it clearly defines priorities relative to core objectives.

Provisional Tax - AIM

Effective April 2018. Pay provisional tax when you are making a profit.

Workplace Well-being

An online tool to assess your workplace

Starting Up?

  • Business Name
  • Trademark
  • Web Domain
  • Social Media

Take time out! Plan

  • Plan ahead
  • Consider lifestyle balance
  • Understand current business skills
  • Identify any gaps

Business Health

Quickly and effectively assess your current business health

SWOT Checker

Assess; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Health and Safety

What's A PCBU?


What types of help you might be eligible for?


Need funding or are you in a position to assist others.?


A learning, investment, ecosystem.  Investigate how to be involved


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