Business Support

Grow your business success

What does business success look for you? Do you want to make more sales, and secure more clients? 

Business Mentors

Learn from those who have grown successful businesses and tackled challenges head on. 

Go Global

Get the support you need to make your business a global success story.

Kiwi businesses are renowned for bringing innovative products and services to the world stage. Of course, the journey to international fame and fortune is rarely easy. By partnering with us, you can tap into the resources and networks of 22,000 other Chambers of Commerce around the world. You’ll also get expert advice and practical support from our specialist Global team.

Want to connect with businesses visiting from overseas? We regularly host international delegations and can put you in touch with visiting companies that are looking for New Zealand business contacts.
Visiting from overseas? If you want to do business here, we can help you understand the market and connect you with local business owners.

Export Document Certification

You need the right documentation for movement of goods and receipt of payments when doing international trade. For Certificates of Origin and other essential certification and documentation services contact either the Waikato Chamber of Commerce or Auckland Business Chamber

HR Advice

If you have an HR, employment law, Health & Safety or a general business question, you may wish to can call us on  (07) 823 3460 or 0800 24 26 23.

Employment contract templates are commonly requested and often accompany queries about HR issues. We do not offer a standardised template; however there are links to websites that can help - including the free government Employment Agreement Contract builder.

We wish to point out that risks can arise for employers when relying on templates of any sort, so legal advice is recommended.

Please feel free to call 0800 CHAMBER if you are unsure where to turn or what to do or who can help you. We are here to guide and support business. We also have a group of specialist advisors available (lawyers and consultants) who offer a short introductory conversation at no cost. If the matter requires further assistance, you have the choice to then engage on commercial terms.

HR Advice

Navigating your business through the intricacies of employment law can be daunting. Selecting and retaining staff supported by robust processes have a positive impact on business.


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