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What does business success look for you? Do you want to make more sales, and secure more clients? 
We can offer you the tools to achieve this.

Building success is about getting you face to face with other members to expand your business network. You can also gain access to advice and business expertise, get support for local and international trading, and take advantage of the opportunity to recruit staff that understand exactly what your business needs and who want to become a valuable part of your team.

Find these services and a great community of like-minded and proactive people building successful businesses with the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce.

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Business Tools

What do you need?How to start a business

  • Get the best out of social media
  • Email marketing campaign tips
  • HR Policy samples
  • Marketing tips
  • And so much more

News & Advocacy

We are passionate and committed to work effectively on your behalf to influence those with the power to improve our business environment.

  • Read Media Releases

Why Cambridge?

Learn more about Cambridge.

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Business Mentors

Learn from those who have grown successful businesses and tackled challenges head on. Connect with business leaders and  grow your networks, skills and business potential.

HR Advice

Navigating your business through the intricacies of employment law can be daunting. Selecting and retaining staff supported by robust processes have a positive impact on business.

Global Trading

When it comes to trading requirements. Get expert help from our specialist Global team who can support you with documentation, information and contacts

Go Global

Get the support you need to make your business a global success story.

Kiwi businesses are renowned for bringing innovative products and services to the world stage. Of course, the journey to international fame and fortune is rarely easy. By partnering with us, you can tap into the resources and networks of 22,000 other Chambers of Commerce around the world. You’ll also get expert advice and practical support from our specialist Global team.

Want to connect with businesses visiting from overseas? We regularly host international delegations and can put you in touch with visiting companies that are looking for New Zealand business contacts.
Visiting from overseas? If you want to do business here, we can help you understand the market and connect you with local business owners.

Export Document Certification

You need the right documentation for movement of goods and receipt of payments when doing international trade. For Certificates of Origin and other essential certification and documentation services.

HR Advice

If you have an HR, employment law, Health & Safety or a general business question, you may wish to can call us on  (07) 823 3460 or 0800 24 26 23.

Employment contract templates are commonly requested and often accompany queries about HR issues. We do not offer a standardised template; however there are links to websites that can help - including the free government Employment Agreement Contract builder.

We wish to point out that risks can arise for employers when relying on templates of any sort, so legal advice is recommended.

Please feel free to call 0800 CHAMBER if you are unsure where to turn or what to do or who can help you. We are here to guide and support business. We also have a group of specialist advisors available (lawyers and consultants) who offer a short introductory conversation at no cost. If the matter requires further assistance, you have the choice to then engage on commercial terms.

Business Mentors

Step outside your business with a mentor

A business mentor can help you step outside the day to day running of your business to take a look at your business as a whole and see the opportunities and issues you face, or potentially will face.

The best thing about having a mentor is it instils discipline to give time and attention to work on your business or to think about it without interruptions.

A mentor is not going to train you, or write your business plan, nor do they necessarily have the magic answer. What they will do however is support your decision making.  They will likely know where you should go for research or to get answers and they will help you identify gaps that may need addressing.

A good mentor is someone who is patient, has good general business experience in either their own business or a senior management role, and someone who can go in quietly and offer support. They need to understand the business quickly, focus on what the business is about and the skill levels of the business owner.

From a mentors perspective, one of the best things is seeing the look of relief and gratitude when a business owner realises that a problem that was seemingly insurmountable has solutions that are achievable and someone is there to help guide them through it.

An additional benefit mentors,  is that mentoring can help us see different perspectives to our own challenges, in our own businesses, creating a win/win situation.

Finding the right mentor:
Every business and owner are unique as are their propositions. The qualities that help a successful mentor and mentee relationship are; good listening skills, good communication and someone who is passionate about their business and eager to put some energy into it. 

Who Can Apply to be mentored?
Anyone who is trading and has a financial history can apply for a mentor. There is no time limit as to how long the business has been operating, although Business Mentors NZ doesn’t help startups.
How are mentors matched? Business mentors are not always matched based upon industry.  It is very useful to have mentors look at your business as a business and to take away the emotional aspects of a specific industry.

The process of obtaining a mentor is simple:
If your business employs fewer than 25 full-time employees and provides you with your primary source of income, with evidence of trading, you qualify to register for mentoring assistance.

  • Register online at
  • Complete an online application
  • Pay a one off $150 + GST registration fee (for up to two years of registration)
  • Your local agent will contact you to arrange your mentor match

And it is even easier to become a mentor:
Complete the Business Mentor application form at selecting the areas of expertise and industry experience with which you are most familiar

Your local agent will contact you to advise if your application has been accepted. There are 17 Business Mentors New Zealand agencies throughout New Zealand.

News & Advocacy

One of the Chamber’s vital roles in the business community is as your business partner providing representation to government and other organisations, and a voice for business on current issues, proposals and local and regional developments that impact your business.

Chamber gives you a voice

Do you want to influence how your town and nation grows? Do you want business to be represented at every level when decisions are made?
Another benefit of belonging to the business community that is the Chamber of Commerce - as a group, we can be heard. Chamber has a strong role in advocacy at both a local and national level.  With over 270 members, Cambridge Chamber works alongside others to be an effective advocate on your behalf.

The Chamber is actively involved in helping enhance the local business environment through advocacy. If you have opinions or views that you would like to be heard, please do give us a call at the Chamber office. Issues are raised regularly through media releases, the monthly Chamber Column in the Cambridge Edition, Cambridge News and through submissions at both local and national level.


Government, both local and national often propose legislative changes which will have a dramatic effect on how we operate as a business sector. It is our job to represent the views of our business community in formal submissions, whenever it is called for and is appropriate.

Chamber News

In the Media


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