Business community helping our wider community.

Cambridge Community House Trust is still operating, and remains open during all COVID-19 levels including lockdown, providing essential wellbeing services in Cambridge.

Most of CCH services, like counselling and financial mentoring are being done by phone and video calls.

Cambridge Community House Trust Needs Your Support.

The most urgent need is for support with food. Since lockdown began  they have already added 10 new local families to the food support service. CCH usually provides food for approximately 60 families each week, so this is increasing every day. A lack of food at home also brings an increase in family harm and abuse for many local families. Family harm incidences where police attend have increased in Cambridge.

Where there are usually get 2 to 3 reported overnight, we are seeing around 4 to 6 per night, and these are the reported incidences only, there will be many more happening behind closed doors.

A little donation can go along way.

The pressure on families is building and we are seeing the outcomes of this. CCH provide intervention support for anyone experiencing abuse or family harm, encouraging everyone to reach out so that they can help create a safety plan and provide support to improve their situation.

At this time, donations of money to purchase food/personal care items would be gratefully received.

Donations will be used to purchase these and get them out to local families in need daily, taking the pressure off these families and putting food into hungry tummies.

On behalf of the Cambridge Chamber thank you.


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