Making the most of your membership: Using ChamberMaster

Access our ChamberMaster Membership Portal is an important part of maximising your membership benefits. 

Through ChamberMaster you can; register for upcoming events, ensure your online directory listing is up to date, learn more about other members, subscribe to special interest mailing lists, set your billing information and make payments online.

The first step to accessing your business's ChamberMaster account is to Login at https://business.cambridgechamber.co.nz/login/ and enter your Username and Password.

If you are a new user or have forgotten your password, please follow the on-screen prompts to set up your account or regain access to your existing account.

Once in the home screen, you are able to navigate through the portal to access information and resources, as well as to maintain your business's information.

The Side Menu Bar provides 'drop down' access to a selection of services. 

The 'Personal Tab' allows you to; update your username & password, upload a personal photo, subscribe to special interest groups, enter your LinkedIn and Facebook information so that members can follow you on social media, and change any display preferences and information.

The 'Company' Tab allows you to manage and update company information that can be accessed through the members directory, both on the portal and publicly through our Chamber website.

It's a good idea to include as much information as possible in these sections, as we have consistent levels of traffic through our directory and this serves as an excellent link to your website.

Each of the 'Company' Tabs allows you to add further information to improve your listings visibility and to engage with the audience. 

The public are able to access our Member Directory through the Directory Tab on our Chamber Website:

Each Member has a Directory Page, where their business information and links are available.

Below is an example, as you can see adding logos and business details can improve the look of the listing and provide important information to other Chamber members and the general public.

Members are also able to access the directory through ChamberMaster:

The 'Billing' Tab allows you to view and pay your Chamber invoices online, as well as to update your billing information and preferences. 

The ChamberMaster Portal is also the best way to view and register for upcoming Chamber Events. 

Through the Portal you can also share news with other members on the open message board, post deals for members and advertise Job Listings. 

Our ChamberMaster portal is a great way to keep up to date and engaged in Chamber life, it's also a great way to boost your exposure through the directories and member posts.

If you are having any trouble accessing ChamberMaster or require assistance, please get in touch!


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