Announcing New Keystone Sponsor

The Cambridge Business Chamber is delighted to announce the appointment of Waipa Networks as our Keystone Sponsor.

The significant contribution of our Keystone Partner adds considerable value to the Chamber network, and in doing so, enables us to support the wider business community.

This funding and support enable us to lead and support a robust connected business community. The prestigious positioning recognises Waipa Networks as an innovator and key supporter of building business capability in Cambridge.

‘Waipa Networks is a longstanding supporter of the Cambridge business community, both as a sponsor of the Chamber of Commerce and principal sponsor of the Waipa Networks Business Awards,” said Adam Fletcher, Waipa Networks CEO. “Becoming Keystone Sponsor of the Cambridge Chamber is an exciting new chapter and allows us to develop the relationship even further’.

Cambridge Chamber of Commerce CEO, Kelly Bouzaid, is pleased to work with an organisation so intrinsically linked to Waipa’s growth and infrastructure. With growth comes challenges and opportunity, and Waipa Networks know this better than anyone. 

Our partners, at every level, recognise the importance and value the Chamber represents and our role in supporting businesses in our region. 


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