The cost of travelling to Hamilton

In Cambridge, we are incredibly well-positioned, we have excellent local facilities and comparatively easy access to other major centres and recreational areas. We are about an hour to the nearest beach, 3 hours to the snow in Winter, and centrally positioned to most of the North Island's major cities. 

We often take driving to things for granted; everything is pretty close, so why not?
When it comes to shopping, the economies of staying close to home are often overlooked. It's easy to look at the price tag on the product or shelf and forget that this price does not represent the real cost to you, as the consumer OR the potential positive or negative costs to society (externalities).

Simply put, your real costs as a customer also include your fuel costs, wear and tear on your vehicle and also your time (Because time is precious and finite).

As an example: An average shopping trip from Cambridge to The Base is a 60km round trip, taking at least 40mins in each direction.
The fuel cost for an average petrol car will be approximately $20, not including vehicle wear and tear.
At least 80 minutes of your time will be taken up by travel, an essential factor for those with busy schedules and better things to do with their time.

By shopping out of town, you will also miss out on the potential benefits to the local community, through business growth, reinvestment and increased employment. And other long-term benefits, including; reduced commuter traffic and accompanying pollution.

It's hard to factor these costs into your purchases, but they are definitely worth considering.

Here at the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, we are passionate about supporting our local businesses; we understand the benefits for ALL of Cambridge of a thriving town. We hope you will join us in supporting and buying local wherever possible; you may even save time AND money and enjoy it too!


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