Defibrillator Demo with Heartsafe Cambridge

As part of our Health and Safety Kit, the Chamber carries a portable defibrillator unit. We were pleased to welcome Henry Strong of HEARTsafe Cambridge to give us a demonstration and to explain more about the 24/7 AED units that are provided around Cambridge.

HEARTSafe Cambridge places automated external defibrillators, or AEDs, in and around Cambridge (you may have seen the red and white AED signs in various community areas). The 24/7 AEDs are located in safe lockboxes accessed by a key code which is supplied by calling emergency services (Dial 111) and providing your location and emergency details. 

While the idea of needing to use a defibrillator may seem very daunting, we were pleased to learn that the units provide loud audible instructions, as well as scanning and monitoring the patient. Scanning and monitoring mean that the AED unit will decide if and when a shock should be administered and report to responders. We also learnt that even after a patient regains consciousness, the unit's pads should remain in place, as it continues to monitor the patient and also provides patient data to the hospital.  

If your business or organisation is interested in a mobile defibrillator unit or could host a 24/7 AED Unit, please contact Henry Strong at HEARTSafe Cambridge: 07 827 3598 


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