NoC with People In Mind

We wrapped up the year with our last NoC hosted by- People In Mind at Podium Lodge.

The People In Mind team put their clever hats on and came up with a great twist to end the year at our last NoC. We were hosted out at Podium Lodge. Not all our members have had the
opportunity to visit Podium Lodge since opening, with that in mind we played a little game. Our members were encouraged to explore the grounds and facilities of Podium Lodge, by doing so we were hunting for 6 green stick men (made famous by their marketing) which were hidden around the premise. Each stick man had a riddle, once found we all came back together to complete the riddle and win a prize. Many laughs were had. We were treated to champagne and strawberries, with delicious canapes. 

Our business card draw even had a twist, in true Podium style those who were drawn were asked to stand on the Podium its self to claim their prizes like the winners they are!

Thanks for a great NoC event People In Mind & Podium Lodge!


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