Waipa District Council Media Release

Bylaw tightens mobile trading rules

31 October 2018

Minor changes to a bylaw affecting Waipā’s mobile traders have been made after councillors asked for more clarification on where and when traders could operate.

A new Public Places Bylaw was adopted at yesterday’s Waipa District Council meeting.  It means mobile traders can only operate in Waipā from approved trading sites and only during times of the day and days of the week specified in their permits. 

Mobile traders will continue to be able to operate in Victoria Street in Cambridge opposite the Town Hall but there will be limits on how many traders can be there at one time and permits for specified time periods.  The same rules will apply at all sites across the district with issues like road safety, customer safety and parking needs all taken into account.

Mobile trading vehicles cannot park on berms or footpaths (unless expressly allowed by the permit) or block access to private property. A new clause will also prohibit mobile traders selling items like alcohol and tobacco that have statutory age restrictions.

The changes were made following consultation with the community in June and July of this year. Proposed changes to the Public Places Bylaw attracted 86 submissions, as well as four petitions in support of mobile traders containing 988 signatures.

Other changes to the bylaw include provisions regarding signs, sale of goods, traffic and stock droving.

The Bylaw will come into force from 10 November 2018.


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