The Advantage: Book Review

Business Book Review By Tracey Olivier

The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni

The nutshell

This book outlines why organisational health trumps everything else in business. Lencioni makes a case that there is no better way to achieve profound improvement in a business than by attacking the root cause of dysfunction, politics, and confusion. I loved this book and the practical insights Lencioni shared.


Most business's focus on the smart things in business, i.e strategy, marketing, finance and technology but the real shift happens when you focus on making the business healthy i.e minimal politics, minimal confusion, high morale, high productivity and low turnover.

How can I apply this in my business?

I have started using these tools when I coach teams, the results have been amazing. Recognising what makes teams dysfunctional and having the tools to make real changes in the intangibles that can actually be measured has been amazing. This book gets 20 out of 5!


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