Unwritten: Book Review

Business Book Review: Unwritten by Jack Delosa

The nutshell

Unwritten challenges everything we know about what it means to be an traditional entrepreneur. He uses the stories from some of the great minds in history, like Michelangelo, Einstein, Mandela as well as some present day icons, like Oprah, Branson, Musk to uncover the secrets to their success and challenge your thinking as a business person. 

Excellent read!! Five Stars


• Don't live by OPR'S (other people's rules)
• Comfort and Growth cannot co-exist
• History teaches us, but we shouldn't copy it, instead be inspired by it.
• Who we are speaks so loudly, I can't hear a word you're saying. Our actions will speak louder than our words. (sobering thought)
• 'The wise man is a marked man' -  Stephen Hall. When we make a difference we will get resistance. It is just part of the journey.
• Even great people doubted themselves and needed a push from others.

How can I apply this in my business?

The section about working out your life vision and the paths that get that vision to become a reality was really challenging and very helpful. It has given me a clarity about what is important to pursue and what isn't. 


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