Review: The Laws of Extreme Business Success

Business Book Review By: Tracey Olivier
Title: The Laws of Extreme Business Success
Author: Carl Bates Month: August

The nutshell

This book is for Small and Medium Business owners who are working harder than they should, getting fewer results or rewards than they would like or deserve. 

If you understand the “rules” of the “game” you can expect to get better results. If your business dies with you, you probably aren’t playing the right game, there are 12 Laws that can and will change that equation. Carl gives you twelve laws, that if you obey will lead you to accelerated and extreme business success. It’s simple, but not easy otherwise everyone would be doing it.


  • The bigger your promise, the bigger your business can become
  • To achieve success, you must move your passionfrom practicing your craft to creating an enterprise.
  • We can’t do it on our own.

How can I apply this in my business?

This book has been really thought provoking, I have started to talk to a few people, who can become shareholders and directors that will help me build my business beyond just me.


5 stars

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