Aloha, It's Casual Friday!

Do you do Casual Friday? 

Casual Friday, when businesses loosen the dress code rules for the last day of the working week, started to spread globally in the 90s, after starting as a movement in Hawaii.

In 1962, an association known as the Hawaiian Fashion Guild began to promote aloha shirts and clothing for use in the workplace, particularly as business attire. 

The campaign was a popular one and the Hawaii Senate even passed a resolution recommending aloha clothing be worn in summer (for comfort and to support the Hawiian garment industry).

In 1965 the Guild  lobbied for 'Aloha Friday' which officially began in 1966.  By the 70s, aloha wear was acceptable business attire every day of the week.  Even lawyers can wear aloha shirts in court!

This Friday trend traveled to California, becoming know as Casual Friday, Dress-Down Friday or Casual Day, before spreading around the majority of the Western world.

Information sourced from Wikipedia


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