A Quizzical Ba5

Thanks to our Strategic Partner Mediaworks Waikato for another excellent Business after Five this week.  Known for it's fun quiz - music, radio and TV themed - this year it was a picture round: name the Mediaworks radio and television personalities AND their station or show.  Activities like this at a Ba5 really encourage people to talk to each other and lots of new connections were made.

Steve Rowe, General Manager Radio, spoke of the importance of having a point of difference in your business and sharing it, using the "Big Sexy Green Van" of Plumberman as an example.  The green van is their point of difference - I'm sure you are hearing the radio ad in your head right now, even if you've never seen a Plumberman van on the road!
If you are interested in exploring radio advertising, the Mediaworks team has great local writers that can help you identify your point of difference. 

Well done to Roe from MDV Media - winner of an amazing $1300 radio advertising package!


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