Make the wise decision to fly

So many reasons to fly from Hamilton:

No one likes being caught in traffic and spending more on petrol than we need to, especially at the moment,  think fuel prices, let alone Auckland Fuel Taxes.

So many reasons to fly from Hamilton:

  • Less  traffic congestion
  • Save time
  • Accessible and cost effective parking 
  • Less stress
  • More time at home or at the office
  • It's affordable

The team at Hamilton Airport set out to compare what a typical journey to Wellington looked like ex-Hamilton and ex-Auckland.  Check out out the comparison here

So, if you are flying domestically maybe it’s time you considered flying locally from Hamilton Airport NZ… and with fares from $55 each way to Palmerston North and $65 each way to Wellington, why wouldn’t you?

Will you make a wise decision?


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