Email scams and spams

Don’t take the Bait

Members have advised they are getting "spam" emails supposedly from the Chamber.  Definitely not us.  So a timely opportunity to share some of the tips from a great blog post on the subject by the team at Rocketspark.

Phishing is an email scam where the sender misrepresents themselves—that is, they pretend to be somebody they’re not—to nab your private information: passwords, financial details, even money transfers.


As phishers have grown smarter, it’s up to us, the “phish”, to be vigilant. In order to work, phishing scams rely on complacency. They’re trawling about for a hapless victim who, in a moment of panic or a lapse in judgment, hand over their most precious, most personal, most private information. To avoid being caught hook, line and sinker, just remember:

· Never share personal information over email

· Carefully check emails for authenticity

· Visit websites outside your email

· Tread carefully with attachments

· Always be vigilant

So, don’t take the bait. Be on your guard when clearing your inbox. A little extra vigilance is all it takes to make sure you’re the one that got away.


Rocketspark Blog


Another good resource: https://www.cert.govt.nz/busin...


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