Having lived in Cambridge for 10 years and moving from the public to the private business sector 4 years ago, I know Cambridge is a great place to live and do business.

It's been a pleasure to serve on the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce board for the last 2 years and there is some real momentum building for business vitality in Cambridge. As a father of three, I'm passionate about giving my family the best Cambridge possible and driving business in our region as well as making Cambridge a great place to live.

I work in account management and partner relations for website software company Rocketspark and it is great to be building a global business based out of Cambridge.


The key success for the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce is thriving business in the Cambridge district. If Cambridge is an attractive place to do business and people want to be involved in business in Cambridge, the Chamber is being successful in its mandate.

Getting business people together to meet, network, discuss and learn is an important part of the Chamber as well and these things are all happening currently. Continuing to drive membership and engagement are critical to the continued success of the Chamber in Cambridge and with the building blocks put in place over the many years of the Chamber in Cambridge, we can continue this tradition of Chamber involvement in the Cambridge community with a focus on innovation and technology to move the Chamber further forward over the coming years and decades.

The true success of the Chamber in Cambridge is it people and businesses growing, learning and working together.


With my skills and knowledge in digital marketing and social media, I offer a unique perspective on how the Cambridge Chamber can move forward utilising all the tools available to supplement the strategies that are already in place. 

I am a person that likes to get things under way and speak to the point without getting too caught up in the details of the implementation of things. I thrive on big picture planning and getting a vision of where things might be able to go in the long term.

I'm inherently positive and like to get groups of people in agreement and moving together on common goals. I get great pleasure in seeing people working on common goals and getting success.

Over my last 2 years with the Chamber of Commerce in Cambridge, I've gained a great understanding of how the Chamber works and the experienced a wide range of situations and discussions.