A Thriving Cambridge

Here in Cambridge, we are spoilt for choice. Our region is unique, from mountain reserves, lake front activities, daytime and evening food and dining facilities, accommodations and retail. We are a thriving community and we are growing! 

In fact, residents, businesses, land owners and young people across the Waikato are being urged to have a say on an updated 30-year growth management strategy for our region! Find out more here.

Here at the Cambridge Business Chamber we are focused on creating positive and meaningful connections that help our businesses and community thrive. On this page you will find links and resources to some of the areas in Cambridge that are growing. 

If you have any questions or would like to talk about some of the resources on this page email info@cambridgechamber.co.nz.

Town Concept Plan

A Town Concept Plan has been created for Cambridge. 


Plan Changes

What is a Plan Change? Why engage with Council on Plan Changes?


30-Year Plan

Future Proof is a 30 year Growth plan for Hamilton, Waipa and the Waikato. 

Learn more

Community Advocacy

Plan Change-19 became a topic of conversation for the Cambridge Business Chamber, Waipa District Council and local business owners and land owners of Carters Flat recently.

In October letters were sent out to a list of businesses known in the area, with communications following in the weeks after, as a database, plethora of platforms, data collecting and referrals later resulted in a magnificent turn out from our community of Carters Flat! 

A huge Thank you to everyone who took the time to engage and ask questions at our early morning breakfast webinar with Waipa district Council. 

The following items and resources along with a recording from our meeting on the 11th October 2021 are for learning and knowledge sharing purposes. This meeting was a public gathering hosted by Waipa District Council and Cambridge Business Chamber. 

Results from our Mentimetre, along with answers to the many wonderful questions we received are to come in following days. 

Plan Change-19 Resources


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